The VisionBecause everyone deserves an addiction free life.

We are a non-profit organization, providing addiction and recovery services to addicts and their families.

Learn MoreAbout Our Vision

At Testudo Recovery, we meet clients wherever they are and whatever their addiction. We do not adopt one model or approach to treatment, but believe in holistic approach, a biological-psychological-social-spiritual one in order to give each client the help they need.


We offer in-home intensive addiction counseling for addicts and their families.

Family Counseling

This gives the family a chance to rebuild trust and re-establish bonds.


Therapists works in helping the entire family understand the situation.

Aftercare Support

This is crucial for situations that the addict may not know how to cope with.

Our MissionWhat does Testudo

In Ancient Roman warfare, the testudo or tortoise formation was a type of shield wall formation commonly used by the Roman Legions during battles. In its time, the Testudo formation was an impenetrable force. Addiction creates isolation due to shame. But the opposite of addiction is connection.

At Testudo, we want to help build a community of people, a tribe of fellow addicts who no longer run to their addictions to numb themselves from their emotional pain.

We are building them a community to share in the pain, a place with trusted connection and healing.


Support UsHow You Can Help.

Sponsor a Family

Families who go through our program get their lives back. For only $300 you can sponsor hope for a new generation.

Give a Little, Give a Lot

If you aren’t ready to make a larger contribution, then why not give up that cup of coffee for a few days? It will go a long way for our families.

Sponsor an Intern

Our counseling residents help at least 50 families a year. Your contribution of $3,000 can save lives, and save families.